We Need To Care

We pass people everyday and say “how are you” automatically, but we don’t care what they say

We just wait for them to say “I’m doing well” so we can continue on with our day

Then one day someone says “I’m not doing well”

And that catches us by surprise because truthfully most people aren’t doing well, but they never tell

See, people are afraid of saying how they really feel, they wouldn’t dare

Because in their minds they think that people don’t care

When did we become this shallow as a society?

Always looking for one answer and never any variety

We’re so content with superficial answers, never willing to dig deeper

Always afraid that someone will pull back and see us as a creeper

We just don’t understand

We don’t see that most people are crying out for a helping hand

We don’t understand that not every smile is real

Sometimes it’s easier to fake a smile than to show how you really feel

Most of the time we simply pretend to care

But when someone asks us for help we hesitate because we think it’s not our cross to bear

This is how we live our lives and we think it’s okay

But it’s not, we cannot simply wish others problems away

We need to go beyond hearing, we must focus on listening

And who knows, maybe this will be a powerful form of witnessing

People are broken and hurting; they have so much to share

And they are waiting for someone who will stop, listen, and genuinely care


Hello Beautiful

Part of becoming a skilled blogger is being open to trying different styles of writing. A couple days ago the Blogging101 assignment was to try a new posting style. Since I generally write longer, more thought out posts, I decided this time I want to do something quick, spontaneous, and short. So I decided to try writing a haiku, which is essentially a short 17 syllable form of poetry. So, below I have posted my Haiku which is titled “Hello Beautiful”:

Hey there beautiful

Yes you, I’m talking to you

Come sit down awhile